• 7 oz soy candle

  • hanging car diffuser

  • 9 oz wavy candle

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our story

When thinking of my reason to being the first thing that came to mind was my children. The name came easy after that. I borrowed the R from my son's name + the A from my daughter. They are the biggest part of this company; they may not pour your candle or pack your order but they are the motivation behind this mama.

Our goal is to create appealing aromas while keeping it clean, eco-friendly and long lasting. 

Thank you a million times for the love + support. Remember when you shop small you're supporting families like ours.

”a scent can make a memory come alive” -unknown

  • care for your candle

    on initial burn let wax pool to the edge of vessel
    remember to always trim your wick to 1/4 inch

    avoid burning candle longer than 4 hours

    never leave a lit candle unattended

  • handcrafted in California

  • 100% soy wax

  • woman owned business